The infas Institute for Applied Social Science – a private and independent social research institute that conducts research for and advises companies, academia and politics.



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infas is the largest commercial research institute with a social science focus in Germany. We offer research consulting and – with our own resources – a wide range of empirical surveys.


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Ask your questions. In the infas panel.

Every month, we interview 1,000 German citizens aged 18 and older by telephone for the infas panel. This panel was recruited on the basis of a probability sample and continuously expanded. It is also suitable for stand-alone ad hoc surveys. The thematic focus of the surveys in the infas panel is on social science issues.


Lagemaß is an ongoing publication of infas and provides insights into the work of the institute, highlights research foci, and presents thematic or methodological study results. The contributions come from infas research staff and guest authors. In the inside section of each issue, artists are given space to engage with the respective focus topic in their own way. Lagemaß appears online and is in printed form.


infas Bürosituation

Room for innovative thinking, professional challenges and personal development. Be part of a company that gains crucial facts for a livable society.

The Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)

Gruppe Menschen

The Socio-Economic Panel is one of the largest and longest-running multidisciplinary panel studies in the world. infas conducts the surveys for this study. Currently, about 32,000 people in nearly 22,000 households are surveyed each year.

The world of infas

The infas Institute for Applied Social Science is a subsidiary of infas-Holding AG, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This includes other companies from the market and opinion research segment and neighboring areas.