Family, household and resources

This area of expertise deals with as many different issues as there are family lifestyles in Germany. The resulting diverse family constellations often lead to complex household surveys. In addition, the focus in this topic area is on changes over time and thus longitudinal studies – in some cases over many years. infas has the tools and the experience from numerous projects for both requirements.

Family structures, the composition of households and their resources are of central importance for social science.
Without knowledge about them, other topics such as education, work or health can hardly be researched in a meaningful way.
At the same time, family structures and households are in a state of permanent change, be it because traditional ideas are dissolving, institutions are disappearing, or simply because of the massively changing demographics in Germany.
These changes require constant empirical measurement and follow-up.
infas is continuously developing suitable sampling concepts and survey instruments for this subject area.

In this area of expertise, infas offers all the tools, the knowledge accumulated over many years, and substantive advice and support needed to successfully implement research projects. This includes multi-method surveys, research access to all age groups, from infants to the very old, longitudinal or panel approaches, or complex sampling concepts for mapping household matrices.

Ein junger Mann und eine ältere Frau mit Geburtstagskrone auf dem Kopf unterhalten sich in einem Wohnzimmer

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