The Survey on Income and Living Conditions of Households (EU-SILC) has been conducted in all countries of the European Union since 2003/2004. The statistical authority STATEC is responsible for conducting the survey in Luxembourg. The EU-SILC survey targets private households in Luxembourg and their household members. It makes it possible to follow the development of the income and living conditions of households and individuals year by year and to compare these developments at the European level. The sample design in EU-SILC provides for a rotation of cross-sectional and panel samples: The households selected for the study are in the SILC sample for four consecutive years. In each year, the sample is supplemented by households to be interviewed for the first time. Interviews are collected through online questionnaires (CAWI) or in-person interviews (CAPI). If requested by the households, it is also possible to conduct the interviews by telephone (CATI). The infas Institute for Applied Social Science was commissioned by STATEC (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) to conduct the face-to-face or telephone interviews in the survey year 2022.