In the European Union (EU), the internationally agreed labor force concept is used to record employment and unemployment. This is based on labor force surveys (LFS) in the EU countries. At the core of the Labour Force Survey is the continuous reporting on a weekly basis of the ILO employment status and its monthly change. Specifically, this means providing the corresponding data for employed, unemployed and inactive persons, their absolute change as well as the unemployment rate and its change. The infas Institute for Applied Social Science has been conducting the labor force survey for Luxembourg’s statistical authority, STATEC, since 2009. Since 2015, the Labor Force Survey has been conducted as a CATI and CAWI survey (mix of methods). The survey targets the registered population aged 15 and over in Luxembourg. Interviews are offered in Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Portuguese. The language can be changed flexibly during the interview. A net of around 350 interviews per week will be conducted over a period of 52 weeks.