The study aims to calibrate scales for the assessment of workability on the basis of a representative sample of employees. National and international scales for the assessment of workability, work dispositions and occupational biography are used. The study aims to identify work demands that influence mental health at work. To validate the scales, a sub-sample of 200 cases will be examined by occupational medicine and occupational psychology.


The study is based on face-to-face interviews (CAPI) of a representative sample of 4,500 employees subject to social insurance contributions in 222 sample points nationwide. Data records linkage is used to link the survey data with data from the Integrated Employment Biographies (IEB) of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). This makes it possible to control for the occupational biography of the respondents as a covariate in models. By updating the process data, it is also possible to check the prognostic content of the scales used with regard to the prediction of drop-out into illness or retirement.