The aim of the research project “Alterssicherung in Deutschland 2023” (ASID 2023) is to obtain a representative picture of the old-age security of persons aged 60 and older in Germany. To this end, infas will conduct and analyze a survey of people aged 60 to 84, and the data from previous surveys will be updated for the very elderly aged 85 and over using a model developed by the Financial Research Institute at the University of Cologne (FiFo). Approximately 16,000 persons are interviewed on the basis of a sample from the residents’ registration office in 360 sample points. In a first field phase, they are sent a written paper questionnaire, which they can alternatively fill out online. In a second field phase, nonresponders are contacted in person on site. The survey is conducted in German and six other languages. The ASID study was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.