Aims of the panel study

By the time they graduate from high school, at the latest, students are faced with the question of what to do after school. The Federal Employment Agency (BA), in cooperation with the German states, is planning to expand career guidance and counseling for young people in schools. This is intended to initiate individual career choice processes at an early stage and optimize career and study subject selection. The goal is to reduce later corrections of educational decisions or reorientation. The study “Berufliche Orientierung: Career and Study Choice” (BerO) of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) aims to investigate the vocational orientation and counseling at upper secondary schools of general education, the individual vocational orientation and the study and career choice behavior of high school students based on this orientation. The aim of the BerO study is to gain a better understanding of the future and career plans of young people who are at the transition to their further education and to accompany them in their further career after leaving school.

Tasks of infas

At the beginning of the 2019/20 school year, a kick-off survey was carried out in over 200 schools with upper secondary school classes in the scope of one lesson in the final and pre-final classes. In order to find out how things are going for the pupils, infas surveyed the pupils again online and by telephone at regular intervals from spring 2020. The sixth wave is planned for November 2022.