The study “Future and career plans before the Abitur” (Zukunfts- und Berufspläne vor dem Abitur) aims to gain a comprehensive insight into the post-school future plans of today’s sixth form students. The aim is also to determine how the realization of these plans can be supported. ZuBAb is a cooperation project between the University of Cologne and the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB). infas has been commissioned to conduct the surveys.

The study is to be realized in six survey waves. The first took place in selected schools in North Rhine-Westphalia at the beginning of 2018. The respondents answered questions about their desired and actually implemented plans regarding their post-school education, education in general, their school and post-school achievements, socio-structural characteristics and specific personality traits. By 2024, former students will be invited to take part in online follow-up surveys by e-mail.

In addition to examining general sociological issues related to education, an additional focus is placed on the counseling service “Talentscouting NRW”. This aims to reduce existing social inequalities at the transition from school to university and is implemented at some schools participating in the ZuBAb study.