The study “Verbreitung der Altersvorsorge 2019” (AV 2019) took a differentiated look at the pension situation of employees in Germany aged 25 to under 65 who are subject to social insurance contributions. Around 11,900 people were surveyed. The focus of the AV 2019 was on the current acquisition of pension entitlements in the three pillars of old-age provision: statutory pension insurance (GRV), occupational pension provision (BAV) and private pension provision, in particular Riester contracts. In addition to the acquisition of entitlements to date, the study also looked at the level of contributions to supplementary pensions and the existence and assessment of the associated information letters on the entitlements already acquired.

Dissemination of old-age provision 2019 – final report (in German)

Verbreitung der Altersvorsorge 2019 – Methodenbericht (in German)