Federal Criminal Police Office publishes results of SKiD dark field study

zerstörtes Fahrrad

The representative population survey “Security and Crime in Germany” (SKiD) is a nationwide dark field study based on a survey with persons aged 16 and older, for which infas conducted the data collection on behalf of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA, Federal Criminal Police Office). Among other things, the survey asked about the feeling of safety, victim experiences and the evaluation of police work. In addition to crimes known to the police (so-called “bright field”), the survey also recorded crimes not known to the police (so-called “dark field”). Now, results from the survey have been published by the BKA. The SKiD survey was based on a nationwide sample taken from the registers of residents’ registration offices. The questionnaire could be completed in four languages either on paper or online (CAWI). Almost 47,000 people took part nationwide.

To the SKiD results on the BKA website (in German)